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Connect with Certification and Industry Stakeholders

We recognize that our membership is valued by many groups within our industry, and to meet this need, we extend an invitation to apply for ABC Associate membership to:

  • Professional Associations in the environmental control field;
  • Educational Institutions accredited by a nationally recognized body that provide training or education in the environmental control field;
  • Companies/Firms that provide training, contract operations, and/or technical assistance in the environmental control field;
  • Utilities that operate a water treatment facility, water distribution system, water laboratory, wastewater treatment facility, wastewater collection system, or wastewater laboratory; and
  • Environmental Trainers and Consultants that provide training, education, contract operations, and/or technical assistance in the environmental control field.


While Associate members cannot vote, nominate , hold office, or sit on the Board of Directors, they receive other benefits, including:

Continuing Education Review Program discounts. Membership includes discounts on courses submitted to ABC's program providing reviews of continuing education courses that are available to all Certification Program members for evaluation.

Industry Representation. Your organization’s membership includes a listing in The Directory, our guide of certification contacts and industry stakeholders available exclusively to ABC members.

Online Certification Database. This resource is at your fingertips in the member area of our website. Compare more than 130 programs around the globe by state/province, certification category, or reciprocity.

Networking. Connect with our membership of professionals from more than 40 states, 10 Canadian provinces and territories, as well as several international and tribal programs.

Annual Conference. Associate membership includes discounts to our Annual Conference - your opportunity to network with professionals from across the globe.

The Certifier. Our member's only publication keeps you informed of the latest certification news and industry perspectives.


Associate membership is not required for certification by ABC, and does not confer any type of credential. Dues are $250 USD per year.

To learn more about Associate membership, contact us. For more information, download an Associate Program Membership

View a list of ABC's current  Associate Members.