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Certification Program Standards Currently under revision. Standards for authorization, certification qualifications, renewal, reciprocity, staffing, funding, enforcement and compliance, and program evaluation. Separate publications are available for operator, laboratory analyst, backflow prevention assembly tester, and biosolids land applier certification programs.

Operator Certification Program Standards Currently under revision. Includes standards for classification of utilities, and appendices detailing the Points Classification System and the Plant Point Rating System.

Need-to-Know Criteria Describes the most critical job tasks performed by operators and analysts, as well as the capabilities required to perform those job tasks. Available for Water Treatment, Distribution, Very Small Water Systems, Wastewater Treatment, Collection, Industrial Waste, Water Lab Analyst, Wastewater Lab Analyst, and Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT need-to-know information is part of the BPAT Certification Program Standards publication). View NTK.

Model Act and Regulations Currently under revision. The Model Act and Regulations contains guidance for certification program legislation and regulations. The model act defines terminology; creates the classification system, certification board, certification requirement, procedures for adopting regulations and administrative procedures, prohibited acts and penalties, and reciprocity; defines funding authority; and incorporates severability. The model regulations address certification board representation, utility classification, applicant qualifications, exams, certificates, and revocation.

Certification Program Guide Provides a detailed description of the steps necessary to establish and administer a certification program for water treatment and wastewater treatment utility employees.

The Certifier - THE newsletter for environmental certification authorities – is filled with news and updates on the latest in certification and focuses on state and provincial certification programs, certification issues, and association events.*

The Directory This annual publication contains contact information on certifying authorities in the United States and Canada, as well as other international certifying authorities. Each listing includes a contact name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and a list of what programs the certifying authority administers. Email and website addresses are provided when available.*

Item Writing Guidelines Guidelines for writing new test items for certification examinations as well as definitions of basic testing terms and examples are included in this publication along with sections on writing each component of a test item: stem, options, correct answer, and distractors.

ABC: The First 10 Years, 1972-1982 Early years of the Association documented by Harris Seidel, ABC's first President and Executive Secretary and a leader in the field of environmental certification.

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