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2014 Annual Report

There are four major oceans, more than 304 million lakes, and approximately 176 major rivers on planet Earth. Although the world contains an estimated 326 million trillion gallons of water, the water we’ve have for millions of years is the same water we have today. What a perfect reminder that we all share this planet - and its precious resources - with all our neighbors. We are ONE WORLD – ONE WATER.

Last year, the Annual Report focused on numbers and measuring progress of the Association. This year’s Annual Report highlights the men and women behind those numbers and showcases the incredible importance of this industry we are all so passionate about.

One of the most anticipated events of 2014 was the unveiling of the Professional Operator (PO) certification and designation and publication of the Model Standards of Operator Certification. We invite you to read about these groundbreaking initiatives and many other positives events in our 2014 Annual Report.

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