ABC Certification Program Frequently Asked Questions

Certification Program

ABC Certification Program FAQs


Q: Whom do I contact to find out if certification is offered where I live?

A: ABC Certification is available to you no matter where you live – visit the ABC Certification program webpage to learn more about or apply for certification. ABC also provides contact information for other certification contacts page programs. You can search information by state, province, or country.


Q: How do I apply for ABC Certification?

A: ABC Certification applications are available for download on our website. Simply complete the application and mail it to ABC along with the required supporting documentation and payment.


Q: What do I need to submit with the application?

A: Application documentation* requirements vary based on certification type and class, and are specified on each application . All requested information must be submitted or your processing will be delayed and your application may be denied. Required documents outlined on your application may include, but are not limited to:

  1. A copy of your high school diploma (or transcript indicating graduation date), GED, or equivalent.
  2. Documentation, such as a letter from your supervisor, describing, in detail, your job duties, job title, and dates of employment and years in DRC, if applicable.
  3. Transcripts or other official documentation of all post-secondary education.
  4. A copy of your current certification and test score, if applicable.
  5. Completed Plant Point Rating sheet.
  6. Nonrefundable application fee.

* Any documents not written in English must be submitted as a certified translation. All international credentials must be evaluated against American standards by an AICE or NACES member organization.


Q: How long will it take for a review of my submitted application?

A: Typical processing time for a complete application is 30 days. You will be contacted by email or phone if your application is missing any components or if more information is needed. After 30 days, you may follow up on the status of your application by emailing or calling our office at (515) 232-3623.


Q: How will I be contacted to schedule an examination?

A: Once your application is approved, your information will be sent to our computer-based testing partner, Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP). They will contact you by mail and/or by email (if an email address was provided on your application) with directions on scheduling your exam.


Q: Where will I take my exam?

A: ABC’s Computer-Based Testing partner, AMP, offers approximately 200 Assessment centers throughout the United States and in various locations worldwide. You may select the location of your choosing when scheduling your exam. AMP will provide you with specific assessment center address information and instructions when you schedule your examination appointment.


Q: When do I have to take my exam?

A: You must take your exam within six months of application approval. Examination appointments through AMP are typically available Monday-Friday and many Saturdays. Currently available dates and time slots will be indicated when scheduling your examination with AMP. Candidates are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Q: What is the format of ABC examination questions?

A: ABC uses only multiple-choice questions. Most questions have four options (one correct answer and three distractors).


Q: How long will the exam last?

A: There is a three hour time limit for the exam.


Q: How should I prepare for the exam?

A: ABC recommends that you review the Need-to-Know Criteria for your exam to identify those areas for which you may need additional preparation. A list of reference materials for each exam is included in each Need-to-Know Criteria and in the Examination Resources section of our website.   You may also wish to familiarize yourself with the Formula/Conversional Table that will be provided for your use during the exam.


Q: What should I expect at the testing center when I take a computerized exam?

A: A demonstration of the computerized exam process is available on ABC’s website.


Q: I would like to check on the status of my score. Can I contact ABC?

A: You will receive your score at the conclusion of your computer-based exam. Candidates who pass the exam will receive a formal certificate from ABC within a month of their exams. An exam retake application will be sent to you if you did not pass the exam. There is no need to contact ABC regarding your score unless you need to request a duplicate score report.

For examinations administered for program-specific certification such as those granted by states and provinces, ABC cannot release scores directly to candidates; you must work with your certifying authority regarding release of the scores. Please check the Certification Contacts portion of the website for the appropriate program contact information.


Q: I did not pass the exam. How can I better prepare?

A: After taking an exam, you can request a diagnostic report from ABC for $25. A diagnostic report shows your strengths and weaknesses in exam areas. Some ABC clients already receive diagnostic profiles, which are included within your scoring information. Please check this information before requesting a diagnostic profile.


Q: Does ABC recommend a process for candidates to challenge an examination question?

A: Candidates may provide comments regarding any question(s) they believe contain errors. Examinees taking a paper-based exam should submit comments on the Question Comment Form; those taking a computerized exam should submit comments electronically during the exam. The ABC Certification Program does not reissue scores based on question updates, but our subject matter experts use these comments to improve future examinations.


Q: What courses should I take for my continuing education? Will you approve a course before I take it?

A: At this time, we do not pre-approve coursework for certification applicants. Approval of coursework is completed after an application is submitted and is guided by the list of ABC approved topics available on our Recertification page.


Q: I am certified in another state. Do I qualify for ABC certification by reciprocity?

A: Please consult our Certification by Reciprocity page and our Exam Equivalency charts to determine your eligibility.


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