ABC's Certification Program

Certification Program

Certification: Protecting public health and building strong careers.

ABC offers a voluntary certification program to water treatment, distribution, collection, wastewater treatment, and industrial waste operators, water and wastewater laboratory analysts, plant maintenance technologists, and biosolids land appliers. ABC certification is not only a way to protect public health and the environment, but provides numerous career benefits to both employees and employers.  


Employee Benefits

Certification offers a mechanism for employees to receive recognition and credibility in their chosen career. The benefits of ABC certification include:

  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Higher wage earning opportunities
  • A mechanism to demonstrate competency and professionalism
  • A competitive advantage over non-certified individuals
  • Enhancement of professional reputation and prestige
  • Demonstration of commitment to the field


Employer Benefits

Employers use certifications to make informed decisions. ABC certification benefits employers by providing a mechanism to:

  • Screen potential new hires and select contractors
  • Motivate employees to expand their knowledge and skills¬†
  • Ensure ¬†competence of employees
  • Ensure employees complete relevant continuing education