Certification Process

Certification Program

Water is life - certification makes it happen.

Our Certification Program is a vehicle for individuals to become certified where a state, provincial or other government agency does not have a mandatory program established or to individuals who hold equivalent active certification in a jurisdiction with a mandatory program.

Approximately 600 active certificates currently are maintained by the ABC Certification Program, which also holds an active database of the certificants’ qualifications, certificates issued, and continuing education credits acquired.



Certification Fees

Application fee for certification through examination $120.00 USD
U.S. exam administration fee $64.00 USD
International exam administration fee $150.00 USD
Application fee for certification through reciprocity $120.00 USD
Certification renewal $110.00 USD


Certification Process
  • Complete and return the Certification Application with the required fee and documentation to ABC.
  • Your current level of certification, education, and work experience will be reviewed.
  • If you meet ABC’s criteria for reciprocity, you will receive an ABC certificate that is valid for two years.  
  • If you are seeking ABC certification through examination and meet ABC’s criteria, arrangements will be made for you to take a certification exam with a proctor approved by ABC. (You may be required to travel to take the ABC exam.) If you pass ABC’s certification exam you will receive an ABC certificate that is valid for two years.

Browse the ABC Certification Program area for more details on the certification process, examinations, reciprocity, renewals, exam equivalency, and certification programs.