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Newly Elected Board Members Assume Office

The Association of Boards of Certification rang in the New Year with the elections of Chris McCord to Vice Chair and Paul Spina to Wastewater Division Director on the Board of Directors.

Paul Spina served on the Board as Wastewater Division Director 2015-2016 and will continue his leadership through this re-election. “I look forward to continuing to provide support and feedback to ABC in its ongoing work and efforts to provide wastewater certification, education, and information to wastewater professionals and the field as a whole. I also look forward to engaging with the other Board members in this effort.”

Paul is an Information Officer with the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission’s (NEIWPCC) Wastewater and Onsite Programs Division coordinating certification and renewal of Massachusetts Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators, Title 5 System Inspectors and Soil Evaluators. Paul also coordinates NEIWPCC’s regional Wastewater Certification Workgroup and has been recognized by his work receiving the NEIWPCC Above and Beyond recognition award in June 2012 and was a nominee for NEIWPCC 2014 Annual Achievement award.

In the words of Spina, “I enjoy interacting with wastewater professionals directly, helping them with their wastewater certification questions and needs. I do what I do because I care about the state of our environment, in particular, the protection, preservation and enhancement of the quality of our water resources.”

Vice Chair elect, Chris McCord, is the current Manager at the Washington State Office of Drinking Water Operator Certification and Training Section, and serves on state, national and international work groups. Chris is excited about the opportunity to develop partnerships to sustainably accomplish the goals of ABC members. “I firmly believe that we cannot do this alone or in a vacuum, and neither can the utilities and their certified operators. It takes a group effort to identify, discuss, and address important issues like workforce development and ethics in operations.”

Chris has demonstrated this belief throughout his 24 years of experience in the drinking water industry by his active participation and interaction working with AWWA Pacific Northwest Section, ASWDA, and the Washington State Environmental Health Association. In addition to working with the US EPA developing revisions of the nationwide enforcement response policy, Chris is also currently working with the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania to develop a utility operator training and a test-based certification program. “I think that is one of the things I value most about my involvement in ABC. We are a group, a large group that represents many states, territories and provinces. We each bring perspective and diversity just by our geographic and political separation, and yet we seem to strive for and achieve a common goal.”

ABC is excited and looks forward to the new and continued leadership as part of the Board of Directors of both Paul Spina and Chris McCord.

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