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ABC Seeking Water Heroes for Future Generations

Water, Water Everywhere!
Water shapes the whole world. It makes up approximately 70 percent of Earth’s surface and the adult human body. The average person in the United States uses an estimated 80 to 100 gallons of the liquid per day. Water nourishes thirst, provides entertainment on hot days, creates energy, and fosters the growth of all plant and animal life on this planet. Wow! That is a lot of responsibility placed on your job every day.

We are lucky to live in a place where talented individuals like yourself care for the quality of our water and our environment, and are knowledgeable in the skills necessary to perform your job to the fullest. Not everyone in the world is this lucky. Almost 1 billion people are living without access to clean, safe water. As a direct result of water illness, a child dies every 20 seconds. Being able to turn on the faucet and immediately receive clean water or flush a drain and trust that the wastewater is properly handled is something many people in this world take for granted. So often, they never stop to think about the heroes behind the process. Your job is vital to the public health infrastructure and the environment we all cherish and you should be proud of the lives you touch every single day.

What’s at Stake?
Consider your legacy. Imagine your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. Do you want them to enjoy the same privilege of safe water and a clean environment that you have contributed to? In order to maintain and exceed this level of public health and environmental care, those individuals following your career path must have the same knowledge, skills, and education.

Think You Have What It Takes?
In order to keep up with the certification demands as the industry continually evolves, the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) and the Certification Commission for Environmental Professionals (C2EP) need talented professionals such as you to volunteer for various committees and task forces.

What You Can Look Forward To
In addition to making a difference in public health and safety, volunteering with ABC and C2EP offers numerous valuable personal and professional benefits. A few of these include:

  • Establishing yourself as a leader through networking and invaluable volunteer experience with a leading voluntary certification program.
  • Expanding your knowledge of your industry through ongoing collaboration and research with professionals
    of diverse backgrounds.
  • Leaving your mark by contributing your point of view and experience to the most recognized international
    certification organization in the water environment industry.
  • Travel and expenses for attendance at committee meetings, workshops, and training funded by ABC.

Finding the Right Subject Matter Expert (SME) Opportunity
Are you a certified operator, an environmental trainer, a certification officer, an environmental regulator, and/or an engineer? Additionally, do you have at least five years of experience within these listed fields? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you have what it takes to volunteer with C2EP!

C2EP Committees
Various SME positions with the Commission include:

  • Scheme Committees: craft standards and policies to govern C2EP certification programs
  • Examination Development Subcommittees: develop and maintain standardized exams for C2EP
    certification programs
  • Technical Committees/Taskforces: work on special projects to meet arising needs (beta test exams,
    complete surveys, etc.)

Still Interested?
Think you are ready to be a hero for the future? Visit and get more information or fill out an application online. We look forward to meeting our new hero!