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ABC Trivia Quiz

ANKENY, Iowa (Oct. 22, 2012) - 1. Fill in the blanks of this 1977 poem written by Janet Cotugno, ABC Poet Laureate.

There’s a group with ABC _____,
In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They wear ABC pins,
And wide, wide grins.

They travel in _____,
With brochures in their hands.

Their aims are explained in books to be seen,
In covers of red, yellow, brown, and green.

They speak throughout the land,
To Authorities both small and _____.

Certification Boards take heed,
ABC has just what you _____!

A. Craze, hordes, majestic, want
B. Frenzy, herds, great, believe
C. Hysteria, packs, celebrated, desire
D. Mania, bands, grand, need – Joe Hanlon, ABC Past-President during 1976-77, was pleasantly surprised ABC when his secretary, Janet Cotugno, wrote this poem. Cotugno also wrote several other poems for ABC that can be found in ABC: The First 10 Years, 1972-1982 including “A Poem for Anaheim” and “A Salute to 5-S.” Although ABC has not had a poet in recent history, the Association has a great compilation of communications pieces. Have you visited our member’s communications page yet? Here you can view current and past Certifier editions, recent member news, and more.

2. Who was ABC’s first President and Executive?
A. Thomas P. Anderson
B. Harris F. Seidel – Harris Seidel has a rich history with ABC that reaches back to 1972, when the Association was established. In fact, Seidel is still very active in ABC and regularly visits the office to attend meetings. Harris even has an ABC award named in honor of his legacy. To learn more about Harris Seidel and the ABC award for lifetime achievement, visit the ABC Awards page.
C. Harry W. Tracy
D. Robert L. Wubbena

3. Under what name was ABC incorporated in 1977?
A. Association of Boards of Certification for Environmental Personnel in Water and Wastewater Utilities
B. Association of Boards of Certification for Operating Personnel in Water and Wastewater Utilities – Beginning as a certification resource for water and wastewater, ABC now certifies operators in a number of environmental professions. 40 years later, ABC continues to enhance its governance structure. Visit the governance page to read all of ABC’s Bylaws, as well as the Policies and Procedures.
C. Association of Boards of Certification for Water and Wastewater Operating Personnel
D. Association of Boards of Certification for Water Facility Operators

4. What is the name of the ABC Newsletter?
A. ABConnections
B. The ABC Bulletin
C. The Certifier The Certifier, first issued in the 80s, delivers the latest in ABC and environmental certification news. Published quarterly, The Certifier can be found on ABC’s member website and past issues date back to 2008. In 1974, prior to The Certifier, ABC President-Elect Bob Wubbena created the first newsletter. The first issues were developed and put together by Wubbena and his family. His wife and kids would help stuff, address, and put stamps on envelopes. This went on until ABC established an office in Ames in November 1974. There was no set publication schedule for these newsletters and averaged five per year.
D. The Operator 

5. Which entity is ABC’s newest member, approved by the Board of Directors in August 2012?
A. Government of Newfoundland and Labrador – We are proud to announce the newest member to the ABC community. Want to see new members as they are approved? View the Board of Directors minutes or browse through new editions of The Certifier to get the latest member news and information.
B. Arab Countries Water Utilities Association
C. Jordan Operator Certification Program
D. Nevada Department of Environmental Protection Safe Drinking Water Division

6. In which year was the ABC Testing Service officially established?
A. 1972
B. 1975
C. 1982 – Grant 10, funded in 1979, began the process for exam development. ABC selected eight states for a pilot testing study in 1981. The Testing Service became official in June 1982 and the Utah Joint Certification Program was the first testing program. Currently, more than 70 certification programs utilize examinations testing 32,000 candidates annually. Our Testing Service has come a long way since 1982. Get more information on ABC’s current Testing Service by visiting the Testing Services page on the ABC website. Looking for Testing Services resources, such as our Need-to-Know Criteria or formula/conversion tables? Visit the Examination Resources page.
D. 1985

7. Five priority issues were identified at ABC’s organization meeting in 1972. Which of those priorities ranked first among the attendees?
A. Central source of information on other certification programs – Certifying authorities wanted the ability to communicate industry issues and ideas with one another. Such a platform did not exist before ABC. This organizational meeting in Chicago, was attended by a total of 56. 40 years later, ABC commits to the same goals with which it began. View the Summer 2012 Certifier to see how ABC is still committed to the same goals 40 years after establishment.
B. Certification examinations
C. Certification qualifications by grade
D. Reciprocity

8. Who will receive the ABC Presidential gavel on January 23, 2013 at the ABC Annual Conference?
A. Jenny Chambers
B. Brent Herring - Currently ABC’s President-Elect and member of the Awards Committee, Finance Committee, Membership Committee, and the Strategic Planning Committee, Brent Herring is very involved with ABC. Herring works for United Water/Narraganset Bay Commission in Providence, Rhode Island. Want to know who else is leading your Association? Check out the Board of Directors page and the Board of Directors Committees page.
C. Harrison “Chip” Mackey
D. Brian Thorburn

9. Which Canadian province was the first to utilize the examination process for operator certification?
A. British Columbia – British Columbia’s voluntary certificates were first issued in 1965 for wastewater operators. Mandatory certification followed in 1993 for wastewater operators. They began using the examination process in 1965 for certification. Need a list of certification contacts? On ABC’s contacts page, you can narrow down your search by state or province. ABC’s member page allows you to compare certification programs by certification category or state/province.
B. Manitoba
C. Ontario
D. Quebec

10. Which of the following is the ABC Mission Statement?
A. ABC is dedicated to advancing the quality and integrity of environmental certification programs – While our mission statement may have changed over the years, our priority to our members will remain steadfast. While we’re on the subject, can you name all five of our objectives? Okay, we won’t quiz you on that, but if you are interested, check out this page to learn more about ABC.
B. ABC is dedicated to service as the technical resource for certification entities
C. ABC is dedicated to serving the needs of our members
D. ABC is dedicated to the promotion of certification as a means of protecting public health, the infrastructure, and the environment

11. Where will ABC’s 26th Annual Conference be held in 2013?
A. San Diego, California – The 26th Annual Conference will be held January 22-25 at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley. The theme for the conference is “Waves of Change – Oceans of Opportunities.” Did you know ABC set up a whole website dedicated to the Annual Conference? Visit it by clicking here and get more information about this wonderful networking opportunity.
B. Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona
C. Tampa, Florida
D. New Orleans, Louisiana

12. In which state is the ABC office located?
A. Idaho
B. Illinois
C. Iowa – When ABC was in need of a home in May 1973, Harry Tracy provided it in his own office south of San Francisco. After going through negotiations with the city, the office was moved to Ames, Iowa on November 1, 1974; Harris Seidel was appointed Executive Secretary. The office was located in the City Water Treatment Plant. Today, ABC calls Ankeny, Iowa its home. Need to contact the office? Check out this page.
D. Ohio

13. Which of the following Canadian provinces was a charter member of ABC?
A. Alberta
B. New Brunswick – The New Brunswick Operators Association formed in 1980 to provide for the certification of operators under the Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Voluntary Certification Program. In 1985, the first certificate was issued. On ABC’s contacts page, you can narrow down your search by state or province. ABC’s member page allows you to compare certification programs by certification category or state/province.
C. Nova Scotia
D. Saskatchewan

14. Which of the following is NOT an ABC membership class?
A. Associate
B. Provisional
C. Regulatory
D. Utility – While “utility” is not an ABC membership class, our membership classes do include a diverse group of programs, falling under the categories of regulatory, voluntary, provisional, and associate. Which category does your program fall under? There are countless benefits to being a member of ABC, such as networking, our Testing Service, and publications. See why your ABC membership is invaluable by visiting this page.

15. Which of the following states joined ABC at the 1972 organizational meeting in Chicago?
A. Florida
B. Montana – Florida, Oregon, and Pennsylvania did not join during the June 1972 organizational meeting in Chicago, however, all joined ABC by December 1973. When the Association began in 1972, there were only 25 members. Today, 100 certifying authorities, representing more than 40 states, 10 Canadian provinces and territories, and several international programs comprise ABC. Visit ABC’s member page to view a complete list of member programs.
C. Oregon
D. Pennsylvania

16. Which member benefit was launched during the summer of 2012?
A. Annual Conference
B. Continuing Education Review Program – The CER Program is gaining interest from both member programs and trainers as it provides solutions to both parties issues with continuing education. The program lays out 26-criteria for certifying authorities to choose from and course approval has never been easier. Check out the CER page to get more information on how it can benefit your program.
C. Online Certification Database
D. Awards Program

17. The autonomous commission established by the Board of Directors in 2012 to administer ABC’s certification and standardized exam development programs is named
A. Certification Commission for Environmental Professionals - ABC is excited to get the Commission running. C2EP will be a step in the right direction toward ANSI accreditation. Do you know why the Commission’s title says “environmental professionals” instead of “water professionals?” Read the Fall 2012 edition of the Certifier to find out.
B. Commission for Environmental Professional Certification
C. Commission for the Certification of Environmental Professionals
D. Environmental Professional Certification Commission

18. Who was the first recipient of the Robert C. McAnespie Outstanding Certification Officer Award?
A. Cynthia Finan
B. Gerald Samuel – The Robert C. McAnespie Outstanding Certification Officer Award began in 1993; Gerald Samuel from Alberta received the award that year. This award is given to a member certification officer in recognition of outstanding contribution toward establishing or advancing certification. Did you know Robert McAnespie was ABC’s President in 1988? To learn more about the award’s namesakes and other ABC awards, visit the ABC Awards page. Want to see the recipients of all ABC Awards from past to present? Visit the Awards Recipients page.
C. Joseph Nestico
D. Larry Fox

19. By which of the following titles did Terry Reagan address former ABC President Harris Seidel in written correspondence?
A. Ex-Exalted Dragon – In the correspondence letter regarding a second grant from the EPA, Reagan outlines the details of the plan for the grant. ABC’s history is full of the achievement of grants. Terry Reagan and Harris Seidel were two very important men in the formation of ABC. Check out ABC: The First 10 Years, 1972-1982 to read more about the history of ABC’s formative years. Visit the publications page to see other information sources regarding history.
B. Fearless Leader
C. Tireless Guru
D. Water Wizard

20. In which state was the first operator certification law passed in the United States?
A. California
B. Iowa
C. New Jersey – In 1918, New Jersey, was the first state in which mandatory operator certification was passed for both water and wastewater operators. Interested in knowing how other states ranked in certification laws? Pick up ABC: The First 10 Years, 1972-1982. For a complete listing of ABC’s members, look at the member page.
D. Washington