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Our Biggest Asset: Diverse Membership

ANKENY, Iowa - (April 4, 2011) As an Association representing environmental certification programs internationally, we’re able to facilitate important connections for our member programs. As a voice for environmental certification, ABC provides opportunities to collaborate and exchange ideas that improve our industry.

Annual Conference With almost 110 attendees present, ABC’s 23rd Annual Conference held January 26-29, 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida, celebrated the environmental certification industry. Citing examples from the Walkerton Inquiry, Dr. Steve Hrudey, Professor Emeritus: University of Alberta, presented the keynote address during the opening conference session and challenged regulators of the vital role today’s certifiers play in protecting public health. The conference theme, “Certifying the Future” was an appropriate fit for the 10 sessions, 30 speakers and ABC award recipients and volunteers honored for their role in moving the industry forward.

Membership Achievements Initially developed in 2007, ABC’s current strategic plan has served as a tool for the Board and members to set and achieve goals and objectives, many of which have been successfully completed thanks to strong dedication from ABC’s members and volunteers. During a June meeting, the Strategic Planning Committee reviewed the plan, celebrated Association accomplishments, focused on initiatives yet to fulfill and discussed major learnings. Topping the long list of items completed were increased membership and focus on mission.

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