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ABC Annual Conference Includes Keynote Speeches from WEF and AWWA

PHOENIX – (Feb. 2, 2011) “The things we do this week have an impact on the history and future of certification,” said Cordell Samuels of the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) 24th Annual Conference, Making a Difference.

Samuels, Water Environment Federation (WEF) Board of Directors Vice-President gave a presentation entitled: “Making a Difference in Today’s Water Quality Challenges” where he offered an overview of WEF’s commitment of working together as water professionals to meet future challenges. Over 100 attendees gathered Jan. 26-29 in Phoenix-Scottsdale, Arizona for the event.

“As a membership organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the world’s water environment, meeting the knowledge needs of our members and the water profession remains the number one priority for WEF,” said Samuels. “That commitment—first established at our founding some 80 years ago—remains the basis for all of our outstanding technical and educational programs.”

David LaFrance, Executive Director of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) echoed the importance of water quality during his presentation entitled: “ABC and AWWA: Partners in Public Health Certification.”

“It’s water and wastewater operators who are the front line professionals in the never-ending quest to protect public health. And our water and wastewater operators require a level of training that reflects the seriousness of their jobs,” he said.

LaFrance also emphasized the importance of certification and AWWA’s partnership with ABC. “AWWA is committed to working alongside ABC to develop the necessary training and certification to keep operators up to speed and effective protectors of public health.”

The Association of Boards of Certification is dedicated to protecting public health and the environment by advancing the quality and integrity of environmental certification programs through innovative technical support services, effective information exchange, professional and cost-effective examination services, and other progressive services for members.