Continuing Education Review


Continuing Education Review Criteria

Each continuing education course submitted to ABC’s Continuing Education Review Program will be will be reviewed by a veteran subject matter expert against each of the criteria listed below. These general guidance criteria were developed by the ABC Membership as a model of the major elements to be considered when reviewing or evaluating continuing education.

  • Delivery format or media is identified.
  • Intended audience is identified.
  • Course is developed by instructional design experts.
  • Course is developed based on needs analysis and is relevant for intended audience.
  • Learning objectives are clearly stated.
  • Content developed by qualified subject matter experts.
  • No product or service endorsements.
  • Course is beta tested (field tested) for content and length of time necessary to complete by individuals representing the intended audience.
  • Beta-test results are evaluated and revisions implemented.
  • Average completion length is determined based on standard industry formulas and beta testing results.
    Credit/CEU is awarded by course sponsor or other organization responsible for evaluating training, and is based on national accrediting standards.
  • Criteria for successful course completion are identified.
  • Question item bank is sufficient to randomly generate multiple exam versions (a minimum of three item bank questions for every one exam question generated is recommended).
  • Quizzes or other forms of review and feedback are included in the course.
  • A final comprehensive examination with a minimum score of 70 percent is required for successful completion.
  • Opportunity to pass a final comprehensive examination is limited to three attempts per course enrollment.
  • Course sponsor can demonstrate knowledge and expertise in developing and delivering continuing education.
    • Company biography
    • Organizational goals
    • History of activity in distance education field
  • Instructor/developer credentials are available for review.
  • Course curriculum and reference materials are available for review.
  • Course sponsor can document an ongoing course feedback, evaluation and review process.
  • Course sponsor has adequate technology and staff resources to administer the training and maintain student records (a minimum of seven years is recommended).
  • A certificate of completion or attendance report documenting credit/CEU awarded is provided upon successful course completion.
  • Students have access to instructions regarding computer system hardware and software specifications.
  • Students have access to instructions about program installation, use and assistance.
  • Timely availability of both technical and content-related instructional support is provided.
  • Course sponsor is able to document security aspects of all transactions:
    • Student identity/passwords
    • Verification of attendance
    • Examinations
    • Authenticity of certificates of completion
  • Course sponsor has the ability to provide, upon request by a certifying authority, attendance, completion, or other student reports.