Continuing Education Review


Frequently Asked Questions: Continuing Eduction Review Program

What are the benefits of utilizing ABC’s Continuing Education Review (CER) Program?

ABC’s CER Program assists both trainers and certifiers by providing an initial pre-screening of training courses for the certifier, and giving the trainer standardized documentation and a comprehensive review that can be presented to certifiers across the globe.

ABC Certification Program Members are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of trainers seeking course approval. By utilizing ABC’s Continuing Education Review program, hours of course processing and review time can be re-allocated to where the program most needs the labor.

Training Providers invest large amounts of time, money, and resources into the development of quality training courses. In many cases, extensive development efforts can be rendered insignificant if the proper approval is not received from certification programs. Exposure to a larger audience, the ABC membership, will show an immediate return on investment for any trainer.


What process does ABC use to review courses?

Upon receipt of a course review application and payment, the course is assigned to an expert industry reviewer with a strong background in the course area. The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Consultant reviews the course and its documentation against 26 review criteria. The completed review is posted on a secure database that is available exclusively to ABC members. Members can retrieve information about the course as well as search through and sort by the criteria they deem pertinent for their pre-screening process.


What is the cost involved?

There is no cost for member programs to utilize the CER program’s database and its reviews.

Continuing Education Review Service Fees
Course Length in Hours Total Cost to Non-Member Trainer Total Cost to Member Trainer
1-3 $185.00 $155.00
4-9 $245.00 $205.00
10-19 $330.00 $275.00
20-29 $445.00 $370.00
30-39 $565.00 $470.00
40+ $11.50 per hour over 39 $9.50 per hour over 39
Volume Discounts
Courses Submitted Discount %
1-50 0.0%
51-100 7.5%
101-150 10%
151-200 12.5%
200+ 15%

Who reviews the courses?

ABC’s SME Consultants are a group of exceptionally qualified individuals who have long and experienced histories in the water and wastewater treatment fields. In order to ensure the impartiality and integrity of the program, the identity of each course’s specific reviewer will remain confidential. Biographies for all of the SMEs can be found at


What materials does a trainer need to provide to ABC?

Course information corresponding with the 26 criteria will need to be entered into the system by the trainer. Additionally, several attachments pertaining to the course’s development and the trainer’s procedures must be attached.  The list of required information can be found at


Does the CER database house only current courses?

All courses must be fully developed, finalized, and ready for student use before they will be accepted into the database. However, students do not need to have already taken the course.


How long are reviews valid?

Course reviews will remain valid for two years from completion of the review.


How long will it take to complete a review?

Reviews will be completed within three weeks of the receipt of payment and required information for each course.


How will ABC protect proprietary course information?

ABC consultants have a non-disclosure clause in their contracts with ABC. This ensures that all confidential information provided to consultants cannot be disclosed to any other third party. Additionally, ABC Staff has Policies and Procedures in place to ensure that any proprietary data shared with ABC is kept in strict confidence. All ABC clientele can expect to continue to receive the highest integrity service possible.