ABC Awards Recipients

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Certification Program Award

1993 State of Louisiana Committee of Certification for Water and Wastewater Operators
1995 Utah Wastewater Operator Certification Program
1998 Montana Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program

North Carolina Division of Water Quality Technical Assistance and Certification Unit


Georgia State Board of Examiners for Certification of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Laboratory Analysts

2005 Connecticut Department of Public Health Drinking Water Division Operator Certification Program
2006 Colorado Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board
2007 New York State Department of Health Bureau of Water Supply Protection Operator Certification Program
2008 New Mexico Utility Operator Certification Program
2010 New Brunswick Department of Environment
2011 Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection & Department of Professional Licensure
2012 Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
2013 NC AWWA-WEA Maintenance Technologist Training and Certification Program
2014 United South & Eastern Tribes, Inc. (USET)
2015 Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
2016 Ontario Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Program


Robert C. McAnespie Outstanding Certification Officer Award

1993 Gerald Samuel 2003 Louise Cordova
1995 Cynthia Finan 2010 Jenny Chambers
1996 Larry Fox 2011 Bill Hyslop
1997 Joseph Nestico 2012 Laurie Sharp
1998 Robert W. Rivard 2013 Kathy Abramowski
1999 Cheryl L. Bergener 2014 Judy Carter
2000 Kathleen M. Cook 2015 Jennifer McMartin
2001 Shirley J. Quick 2016 Brian Gildner


Harris F. Seidel Lifetime Achievement Award

1977 George Burke and Walter Weers 1989 Daniel Campbell 2004 Ernest U. Earn
1978 Julian Fleming, Allen Jones, and Don Pierce 1990 Clarence Sherer 2005 Peggy Barton
1979 Ralph Soule 1991 Robert Briggs 2006 Peg O'Donnell
1980 William Hasfurther 1992 J. Andre Provencial 2008 Howard Hendrickson
1981 Robert Leaver 1993 Donald Razy 2009

Kim Dyches

1982 Roy Dodson 1994 Robert McAnespie 2010 Margaret Doss
1983 Grant Borg 1997 Alva Storey 2011 Cheryl Bergener
1984 A.H. Paessler 1998 James L. Current 2011 Kathleen Cook
1985 Robert Wubbena 1999 David Rossiter 2012 Robert "Bob" Hoyt
1986 Joseph Hanlon 2000 John Scheltens 2013 John Solvie
1987 Kenneth Kerri 2001 Bob Hegg 2014 Chip Mackey
1988 Terry Regan 2002 Gerald Samuel 2015 David Flowers


Jess Jones Excellence in Service Award

2008 Jess Jones 2013 Jenny Chambers
2008 ABC Cross-Connection Control Validation and Examination Committee 2013 William "Bill" Hyslop
2009 Chuck Van Der Kolk 2014 Laurie Sharp
2011 Harris F. Seidel 2015 Jack Vanderland
2012 Collection, Distribution, Water Treatment, & Wastewater Treatment V&E Committees 2015 Margaret Doss
2012 Chris Wisniewski 2016 Brian Thorburn, PO


Dr. Kenneth D. Kerri Excellence in Workforce Development Award

2016 Robert Hoyt    


Founder's Award

Certified Environmental Analyst of the Year Award

2002 Terry M. Regan 1995 Jane Winkler

Lifetime Service Award

Certified Environmental Operator of the Year Award

2002 Harris F. Seidel 1996 Glenn R. Greve